maternity wear from dressing for two

Modern, stylish and practical maternity wear
for the cost-conscious mum-to-be.

About Us

Corrina portrait shot

Who Am I?

My name is Corrina and I'm the founder of Dressing for Two. I'm the mother of Nathan, a two year old whirlwind, and I'm currently pregnant with my second child.

Why Start a Business?

Before I fell pregnant with Nathan, I was a consultant for a large accountancy firm. After his arrival, I decided to stay at home with him for his early years. I found that although spending every minute with him was a joy, there were some aspects that I missed from my 'previous life'.

I loved being at home with him and watching him develop, but I also wanted the challenges and social interaction that my career gave me. This was the motivation behind starting my own business. I'd still be available to my children when they needed me, but I could also build a business that I'd be proud of.

Why Maternity Clothes?

When I discovered that I was pregnant again I found that the maternity Corrina and Nathan clothes that I'd bought for my first pregnancy were three years out of date and very worn. I could remember spending days trudging in and out of department stores disappointed at their maternity sections. They always seemed to be a single rail of mostly drab items tucked away at the rear of the store.

Pregnant ladies are frequently described as 'glowing', and I wanted a wardrobe that would help me live up to this and what's more, I didn't want to have the hard slog around the shops to get it, especially when I wasn't feeling at my best.

I decided to start the kind of store that I'd be happy to buy from. Making it an internet store would allow us to browse and buy without stepping outside the front door. It would stock a selection of clothes that looked great, were comfortable, and still cost less than the high street shops.