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Top Tips

Looking good during pregnancy can make you feel great, as well as a lot more comfortable. Remember, you'll be wearing these clothes each and every day for the best part of 9 months (you may still be in your maternity clothes a month or two after the baby is born), so you'll get your money's worth. Hopefully the following tips can help you pick the right maternity wear:

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Choosing the Essentials

  • Invest in quality basics that can be worn together or with other items that you purchase throughout your pregnancy. If you pick a set of versatile pieces that you can wear time and time again, you will get the best value for money. For a basic Spring/Summer wardrobe we would suggest:
    • A good pair of jeans
    • A couple of t-shirts
    • A pair of loose maternity trousers
    • One skirt or a pair of shorts
    • One dress for best
    • A shawl, wrap or cardigan for cold evenings
    • Cotton pants
    • 2 maternity bras - one pale and one black

    Then a few coordinating tops picked throughout your pregnancy will give you a fresh new look, just when you need it.

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Style Tips

Finding the right maternity clothes might be just the boost your confidence needs, especially if you are feeling fat and frumpy. Pregnancy is a time when you need to understand how your body shape is changing and how to adjust your style to flatter your new figure. So start enjoying your new shape, show off your bump, display your cleavage and accentuate your curves.

  • Choose the essentials

    Try to invest in quality basics that can be worn together or with other pieces that you purchase. Choose items in colours that suit you and compliment each other. Try wearing different combinations of clothing from your maternity wardrobe, this can create several looks for different occasions.

  • Choose the right fabric

    Wear what is comfortable. Try to choose maternity wear that is made from soft and stretchy fabrics, these will hug you in the right places, won't crease and will grow with you. Buy items of clothing that are easy to care for and need little ironing.

  • Wear the right shape

    Wear clothes that flatter your new shape and draw attention to your best bits. If you feel comfortable, there is no harm in experimenting in new styles of clothing but if you know that a certain shape suits you, try and stick to it. You'll feel comfortable wearing something familiar and there is no reason why it wouldn't suit you now that you are pregnant.

  • Accessorise

    Casual clothes are fantastic to wear around the house but with a few accessories can be dressed up to create a different look. For example, choose a pair of fantastic shoes and matching handbag, and a sparkly bracelet and/or necklace.


You will probably want to go outside and enjoy as much of the summer weather as you can without feeling too uncomfortable and exhausted. Hopefully the following tips can help you to stay cool during those hot summer months.

  • Wear loose cotton clothing in light colours to help keep you cool.
  • When outside spend most of your time in the shade and avoid midday sun. If you are inside, open windows or take advantage of air-conditioning and fans.
  • Make sure that you stay hydrated, so drink plenty of water.
  • Water can cool the body so if you are used to swimming it is a great form of exercise. If you can't swim a cool shower could help.